How frequently can journalists participate in Porsche Media Driving Academy?

Each journalist has the opportunity to participate in the different courses offered by the Porsche Media Driving Academy once a year. Depending on the journalist’s driving capabilities, it is recommended to participate in the courses on an incremental basis as they range in difficulty from Individual, Professional and finally, Elite.

Who is responsible for deciding the most appropriate courses for media?

PR managers in local markets will guide media in deciding the type of course most suited for them to participate in.

What preparation is required by media prior to participating in the Porsche Media Driving Academy?

As soon as individuals have confirmed his/her RSVP, he/she will need to visit the event microsite to complete the official registration process. All information and requirements are clearly available on the microsite.

What happens after journalists are certified at the Porsche Media Driving Academy?

Journalists who have completed and received course certifications at the Individual course can attend the Professional course in the following year; the same process repeats for progression from Professional to Elite. Journalists who graduate from the Elite course will be granted priority status for invitations to Porsche International Press Launches and other exciting events.

How do I get invited to the next Porsche Media Driving Academy?

Please contact the PR manager in local markets to receive further information.

Will there be instructors at the event?

Yes, there will be certified Porsche instructors throughout the event to provide professional guidance and to ensure safety at the race track.

Will there be photographers and videographers on location?

Yes, there are photographers and videographers on-site to fulfil photo and video requests.

Will Wi-Fi be available at the race track?

Yes, Wi-Fi connections will be available on the race track and at the hotel throughout the event period and we strongly encourage journalists to share their experience through professional reviews and social media.

What cars are available at this event?

A total of 21 Porsche cars will be available at the track. Just to highlight a few: the 911 GT3, 911 Carrera T, 718 Cayman GTS, Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, and the new Cayenne Turbo.

What documents are needed prior to the event?

Journalists must hold a valid driver’s license and submit the completed Indemnity Form to their respective PR managers.